Looking for a place to conduct a magical wedding ? Do you have a big event way but you do not have a place yet ?

Choosing where you celebrate the biggest and most exciting days of your life , this is not a simple choice . Everyone knows the background of the event greatly affects the atmosphere , and of course how to conduct the enjoyment of your guests. You can not edit the same event in two different places , and to choose correct, should know and understand just the place for you .

It is important to choose a place that will not cause you to compromise on your taste preferences and as a couple . After all, a wedding is probably the event of a lifetime , and if you are already celebrating and investors , it should be a perfect place to dream.
Are you looking for event halls or banquet hall ?

All wedding halls are divided into two categories before anything important – Garden Events and Ballroom . Some places combine the two options , giving guests the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds . Ballroom is an indoor complex , and is suitable throughout the year.

Garden Events , however, as its name implies , is in the open air and allows guests to enjoy a vegetable garden in full bloom . This option is very nice , but not suitable for rainy days or during summer unbearable . It is important to know in advance which option would be suitable for your event , as this will facilitate your choice.
Introduce Lucas – Garden events to another level

Lucas ‘s events complex located in Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon , and is unlike anything else you’ve seen in your life. The compound was originally established with the intention to provide you an opportunity to celebrate a little different way . Place great emphasis was placed on the unique design, special surprises revelers and guests and most importantly – a great gourmet food that will leave no one indifferent.

This magnificent building of the place is the first hint that you are facing these types of events however completely different , but all you can find even surpasses the interior and exterior design . Want to hear more?
What Lucas offer revelers ?

The first entrance place you can feel the electrifying atmosphere , not only the architecture of the place is special , but all she embodies . The complex was built thinking of Lucca provide guests with an experience of a different kind . How is it done?

Inside the compound of Lucas can find a transparent kitchen provides guests a glimpse of the vigorous preparations that take place behind the scenes. Skilled hands, kitchen staff will prepare special dishes for guests ” live ” and will allow them to take part in any process. The combination of tastes, smells and fresh food made ​​right before your eyes – is an experience in itself.

Not only an important food for guests , including visual plays an important role in producing the event. Luca offers guests a huge projection wall ( length 20 meters ! ) , It will be screened throughout the evening pictures, wallpapers Sale and dynamic depending on the pace of the event and your request .
Weddings and events celebrating only compound Lucas !

For those who choose to celebrate Bloka expected more surprises beyond the kitchen transparent and giant projection wall . Instead one can find an amphitheater area for more comfortable viewing at the ceremony , lounge and VIP area and special guests elegant suite for the bride and groom . All these and more make Lucas the perfect place for all kinds of events , large and small . So what are you waiting for?

To see a little of what it is , we invite you to view from our galleries . You can also call for more information and setting up a meeting for us with the compound. Lucas wish you luck!