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A new culinary experience at Luca

Luca once again leads the way, with new and energetic originality in the field of culinary events, having recently inaugurated the ‘open kitchen’ − the first of its kind in the country; in which the preparation of the dishes takes place right in front of the guests.This unique idea allows kitchen staff to function as a high-quality restaurant in every respect; as in a restaurant − here, too, menus are placed on the tables, and guests can order and enjoy any dish they desire, with no restrictions of quantity and time; the kitchen staff works for the entire evening and, at any given moment, they will create dishes made from fresh, high-quality raw materials. The advantages are obvious: there is no need to sit waiting for the main course until late in the evening; there are no breaks in the proceedings and the event flows naturally; each guest can decide what dish he/she wants to start with, and no one goes home without having enjoyed a delicious dessert.

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About The Location

Luca is one of the most impressive and architecturally-unique structures in Israel. It was designed by Architect Yves Anan, a multidisciplinary artist specializing in sculpture, ceramics, engraving and drawing, whose creations have gained him international reputation and impact. The very best in contemporary technological lighting, sound, amplification and projection systems have been integrated at Luca. Luca also leads in innovation in the field of environmental design, landscape, scenery, and its connection with the natural landscape and surroundings of the Sharon region.

Our Staff


    I was born in Morocco, in the colorful city of Casablanca, known as a gastronomic center for its unique foods which have won fame across the world.

    I owe my love for food and creativity to my mother, whom in my childhood introduced me to rich and varied foods of her making.

    Starting 1980 I have been creating and specializing in the field of catering, while even as I starting out, I was appointed as the chef of Gan Oranim, the legendary event venue of Tel Aviv’s bohemian social milieu, until the opening of Luca, a venue always aspiring for excellence without compromise!



    I was only 15 when I’d first caught the catering bug, as I joined my father, Rafael, to work in catering.

    The fast pace, the smell of the kitchen in the morning and the ceaseless creation, have all stuck with me since then.

    I have dreamt of Luca many nights before its opening, of the vision and challenge I am constantly facing, of creating unique and varied hosting experiences in the field of catering and to continue to set Luca as a leader in innovation and uncompromising quality.

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wine room


As part of the experience at Luca, one may visit the prestigious wine room during the reception, and enjoy tasting wines produced at boutique wineries all over the State of Israel.

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