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Luca’s winter events

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Holding events during the spring, autumn and winter months requires a different approach and preparation than for events that take place during the summer; the most common problem is the space available for the reception and the wedding ceremony. Is the space where the reception and the wedding ceremony are held separate from the space for the dinner and dancing? Is the roof of the complex absolutely waterproof, ensuring that even in the stormiest weather the wind and rain will not penetrate? Is parking for guests situated near enough to the entrance of the complex?

An integral part of the construction at Luca is the spacious lounge that allows for the events to be held during the winter months, and this is completely separate from the central piazza − about 950 square meters in size, and able to accommodate even large events. Also, on stormy and rainy days, there is a covered entrance for cars, allowing guests to alight under protective cover; there is also a cloakroom for the guests’ coats.

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